Shining a light on the Architecture of London Bridge


We are delighted to present the London Festival of Architecture programme for June, packed with events and installations, and drawing on the diversity of businesses, communities and partners that are invested in this area. This is the second year that Team London Bridge have been a main sponsor for the festival. 

This year’s theme of boundaries has proven to be pertinent and inspiring. Boundaries shape so much of the world around us, physically and psychologically. A boundary can be defined by property, or a structure or watercourse, often restricting movement. Boundaries can provide security or be overcome despite adversity. Hilson Moran will show how even microclimates create boundaries, shaping our everyday decisions like where we sit for lunch.

In London Bridge, we have London’s greatest boundary, the River Thames, and of course our name derives from the location where this boundary was overcome and a new bridge constructed, becoming the city we know today with two vibrant banks. I look forward to walks on the foreshoreand exploring the rich riverside architecturewith MBNA Thames Clipper. 

Just metres away, the great Victorian railway arches majestically dissect northern Southwark in two. But the Low Line project is integrating this great boundary into a walking route, and a destination in its own right. It seems we are drawn to these boundary spaces, and they bring an opportunity for something more interesting and leftfield than a central plaza can. I recommend exploring this route with Musicity, where musicians and sound artists have responded to 15 distinct locations along the viaduct. 

A boundary exists around the London Bridge campus of Guy’s hospital and King’s College London, a campus with myriad land ownerships internally. The historic Inns and Yards of Borough offer a way into this space, and our brand newbiodiversity-rich living wallwill soften the solid brick boundary wall and draw people through. We’re thrilled the Deputy Mayor for the Environment will launch this clean air walking route on the 14thJune. 

The city is both rigid and malleable. As time passes, new boundaries are drawn, and others overcome. London Bridge’s history has been one of adaptation and renewal, and we look forward to exploring this fascinating story with you throughout June.

Most events are free, supported by Team London Bridge. Programme and bookings can be done via the website