Working with our partners and 400+ business members, our vision is to: ensure London Bridge excels as a leading place for global commerce and medical institutions, providing an environment where responsible businesses can thrive while developing as a pioneering local centre for enterprise and the arts.


What is Team London Bridge?

A Business Improvement District (BID) structure allows the London Bridge business community to employ a small team to work exclusively for them, delivering projects and services funded by BID levy contributions. 

Team London Bridge was established in 2006 and is accountable to its members. A ballot process every five years allows the business community to prioritise their needs and continue BID services. The next ballot will be in 2021. The last ballot took place in 2015 with 89.1% of votes being in favour, which made up 95.4% of the total rateable value of votes cast. There was a 55% overall turnout. Our Board is made up of voluntary representatives from local businesses, ensuring that your priorities and objectives are at the heart of every strategy. 


Our Services

London Bridge BID members have prioritised Security, Placeshaping (including public realm), Environmental Improvements (including cleaning and greening), Place Promotion, Responsible Business Services (CSR), and Events and Networking.

These services form the backbone of a five-year business plan that Team London Bridge is delivering. Explore our services. 


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