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Walkshop: Wet and dry land - the rivers, and the swamps and islands of Horselydown and Leathermarket

  • Bridge Theatre 3 Potters Fields Park London SE1 2SG (map)

Until quite recently, the very visible River Thames and the obscure and hidden River Neckinger combined to flood the area, creating a swamp with occasional gravel islands providing the only harder ground.

This area of the Thames riverside became known as ‘London’s Larder’ for the variety of produce that was transported to the area, and as it lay beyond the City’s boundaries, offered up opportunities for numerous leisure activities, including theatre, ale making, drinking and prostitution. Since the 1970s with the demise of the docks and the renewal of London Bridge, the area has witnessed substantial change with new access for the public to the river, and the construction of new neighbourhoods.

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