Musicity x Low Line launches Sat 1 June


Original audio tracks and sound art has been commissioned by Musicity to respond to the architecture and spaces along the Low Line. In partnership with Team London Bridge, Better Bankside and Blue Bermondsey, Musicity founder and Radio 3 DJ Nick Luscombe has worked with 15 different artists to compose tracks that will encourage the audience to venture out and explore the Victorian railway viaduct that sweeps through south London.

Each track will be geo-tagged to a different location including Bermondsey Street Tunnel, Druid Street Wildlife Meadow, the Underdog Gallery, Vinegar Yard, Holyrood Street, The Shard, London Bridge Station, Southwark Cathedral, Flat Iron Square, Borough Market, The Biscuit Factory, and others, and will be accessible for streaming via the Musicity smartphone webapp.

Artists include Szjerdene, Erland Cooper, Suitman Jungle, William Doyle, Nabihah Iqbal, Chihiro Ono, The Memory Band, Gestalt, Frog Morris, Lossy, Cunning Folk, Tom Szirties, James Alec Hardy, Lola de la Mata and Thomas Stone.

These new tracks provide the perfect excuse to explore the Low Line, a new walking destination for London along the length of the mighty Victorian rail viaducts spanning Bankside, London Bridge and Bermondsey. The Low Line celebrates the heritage of the railway arches which have been a part of the area for over 150 years, shaping places of interest along the way and unlocking their potential.

Special Event

As part of the launch week a special evening of music and conversation will take place 4 June at the Underdog Gallery, 5.30pm to late. Entry is FREE but tickets should be booked here in advance.

To listen to Musicity x Low Line from 1 June go to