New subsidised waste & recycling service launch


Team London Bridge has offered a subsidised waste and recycling service to our BID members for over a decade as a way of reducing operating costs, encouraging high recycling rates and consolidating collections.

We are pleased to announce that we are re-launching the scheme with a new contractor, Paper Round.

On the 30th April 08:30 – 10:00 we’ll be hosting a free recycling seminar, delivered by Paper Round, to explain more about the service and advise how your organisation can become more environmentally sustainable.

This will be held at The Hive, 1 Melior Place, London, SE1 3SZ and if you’d like to attend or find out more about the subsidised service please email 

The scheme isn’t all about helping our members to save money. Reducing the environmental impact of business waste was also a priority of the re-tendering process, and we were impressed by Paper Round’s credentials:

  • a zero-to-landfill policy ensuring absolutely everything is reused, recycled or turned into energy

  • sending general waste to a processing facility by barge as opposed to road

  • personal visits, audits and workshops to teach businesses how to reduce the amount of waste they generate and improve recycling rates

  • delivering waste & recycling sacks by foot and cargo bike

  • an extensive range of recycled and eco-friendly office supplies such as paper, stationery, catering and cleaning products

  • sustainable procurement advice

27022019130333_Img_1_Truck on bridge-3.jpg

In recent years we have also been working towards reducing the amount of vehicle traffic in the area – not just from an air quality perspective but a pedestrian and cyclist safety one as well. By encouraging our businesses to choose one waste contractor, together we can begin to significantly consolidate and reduce the number of journeys made by waste collection vehicles each day. 

We want to ensure that this service contributes to our aim of ensuring London Bridge excels as a leading place for global enterprise, culture and entertainment by aligning it with other relevant strands of work: Responsible Business; our status as Low Emissions Neighbourhood; our recently released Action Plan for CyclingDelivery and Servicing Plans; and Freight Forum.