Theft Prevention Advice 

Over the past few months our funded police officers, alongside colleagues from the Safer Neighbourhoods Team, have been working hard to reduce theft (mobile phones, wallets & bags) in public places, bars and cafes. Whilst police operations can be useful, the most effective way of combating this crime is though prevention and taking simple steps to stop yourself becoming a victim: 

  • Don’t leave mobile phones out in view on tables

  • Don’t hang bags or clothes containing valuables on the backs of chairs

  • Don’t place your belongings out of sight on the floor

  • Do use ‘chelsea clips’ (bag clips) located under tables

  • Do keep purses and bags closed and secure at all times

  • Do conceal your PIN when entering it

  • Do be mindful of those encroaching on your personal space, particularly ‘table-surfers’ and ‘distraction thieves’ (a video of how they operate can be seen here)

  • Do register your mobile phone for free on an accredited database such as Immobilise which helps police identify you as the rightful owner should it be recovered

  • Do be alert to your surroundings when using a mobile phone in public – moped and bicycle enabled snatch thefts do happen

  • Do report any thefts to the police by calling 101 or online