Table-top Exercises

Project Argus

Project Argus is able-top based exercise designed to practice and improve your operational reaction to a terrorist incident, tailored to operational roles such as office management, facilities and security. It is led by the Borough’s specialist Counter Terrorism Security Advisor (CTSA) however the learnings can be applied to a variety of situations. To express an interest in attending a Project Argus session please email

ACT Strategic

ACT Strategic is similar to Project Argus however it’s aimed at those in strategic, senior management roles who are typically in charge of company policies and procedures. This too is run by our local CTSA so please email

Host your own

You can also run your own table-top exercise. This recommended template imagines a serious flooding scenario and comes complete with questions and guidance notes. 

Where possible we would always recommend running table-tops in conjunction with neighbouring businesses, building management etc.