Team London Bridge supports the creation of distinctive world-class environment through a mix of innovative new architecture, restored heritage and quality public realm that provides greenery and connectivity. Discover more about our current Placeshaping Projects below.


Public Realm Projects

We work alongside our partners to create an inclusive, welcoming public realm that puts people. their health and the environment first.

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We prioritise clean travel by working to provide convenient, safe and attractive walking and cycling routes.

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The Low Line

Creating a new cultural and economic destination along the 4 miles of viaduct between Vauxhall and Bermondsey.

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Green Grid

Partnering with the community to bring all of our green and open spaces up to world-class standard, and to link these spaces via a Green Grid of walking and cycle friendly streets.

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The Placeshaping Blog

Our Placeshaping Director Jack Skillen shares his thoughts and news from the latest projects on The Placeshaping Blog.

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Placeshaping News