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London Bridge Live Arts 2014


Photo courtesy of The Brick Box 
Team London Bridge and Fantasy High Street are delighted to announce our five commissioned installation artists for this year’s London Bridge Live Arts Festival, 25-27 Sept.
These artists will be creating interactive installations, each one focusing on a different human sense: Sight – ‘In My Shoes’ by Sublime & Ridiculous, Sound – ‘Beacon Choir’ by Thomas Williams, Smell ‘Spice Mix Super Computer’ by Abandon Normal Devices, Taste – ‘The Toast Temple’ by The Brick Box and Touch – ‘Touch’ by Cara Flynn & Jonathan Munro.
The Festival is FREE to attend and follows much acclaimed programmes over the past two years.  

Five installations, each centred around a human sense

SIGHT: In My Shoes by Sublime & Ridiculous

Explore the world’s absurdities from a stranger’s perspective through this audio-visual interaction.

SOUND: Beacon Choir by Thomas Williams

An interactive installation that gives visitors the power to use music and light to guide their path through a darkened space.

SMELL: Spice Mix Super Computer by Abandon Normal Devices

A massive mobile food machine allows users to create and taste a unique blend of spices from millions of possible combinations.

TASTE: The Toast Temple by Brick Box

Bathe in the presence of The Toast Temple, to rejoice in the golden majesty of The Slice and share your devotion.

TOUCH: 'Touch' by Cara Flynn and Jonathan Munro

Using one thousand 2p coins to create a giant pinhead impression wall, consider how we’ll no longer be able to touch money soon and the implications this could have on our lives. 

Interactive dance commissions

A Curious Cakewalk by Average Height Ladies

A multi-sensory performative journey full of intrigue, led by jazz age dancing, maps that fly and a suitcase full of sound.
1pm Friday 26 Sept / 4pm Sat 27 Sept

Public Displays of Affection by nylon theatre

A series of stolen moments...a gradual unravelling, exploring our smallest ceremonies, played out in public spaces.
4pm & 6pm Thurs 25th Sept / 1pm & 3pm Sat 27th Sept

Sensory Experiment by Nina von der Werth

Part dance performance, part experience and experiment - looking at how sensory input can trigger emotional responses and distant memories.
1pm Thurs 25th Sept / 4pm Fri 26th Sept 

Street theatre performances

Coming from Peru by Fuora Dance Project
We’ll do whatever you want us to do - three performers challenge themselves according to input from the audience.
6pm Friday 26 Sept & 2pm Sat 27 Sept

DECOY by Pell Ensemble
Stuck in the never ending swirl of technology, marketing and social media, will we step out or be carried along with the crowd?
5pm Thurs 25th Sept & 2pm Sat 27th Sept

Eardrum by Travelling Tent
Come inside and tell your most embarrassing story to people you'll never see again - or just listen to theirs.
2pm-5pm Thurs 25th Sept & 2pm-5pm Sat 27th Sept

Still Image by Piece of String
Through sensory exploration, this dance piece captures unalterable moments in time and invites the audience to find new meanings.
2pm Thurs 25th Sept & 3pm Fri 26th Sept

The Teatime Wonder Game by SLOWArt
Take a seat around the tea table and let time stand still as you are immersed in a bizarre surreal game with an eclectic mix of characters.
5pm Fri 26th Sept & 5pm Sat 27th Sept


Thurs 25 Sept
12pm-1pm: Dance (5 senses 5 styles) with Yukiko Masui
5pm-6pm: Samba Drumming with Kinetika Bloco
6pm-7pm: Sculpture with Karen Tang & Vitrine Gallery

Fri 26 Sept
12pm-1pm: Dance (site-responsive dance) with Susan Kempster
5pm-6pm: Knitting  with Fashion and Textile Museum
6pm-7pm: Introduction to Filmmaking with Shortwave Cinema

Sat 27 Sept
12pm-1pm: Dance (Ballroom) with Thomas Michael Voss
5pm-6pm: Sketching with The Art Academy
6pm-7pm: Street Photography with Richard Miller 

Pop-up film screenings

THEME: Mind-fragmentation - Memento

7pm Thurs (113 minutes) Director - Christopher Nolan (2000), cert: 15

THEME: Mind-exploration - Being John Malkovich

7pm Fri (113 minutes) Director - Spike Jonze (1999), cert: 15

THEME: Mind-alteration - A Scanner Darkly

7pm Sat (100 minutes) Director - Richard Linklater (2006), cert: 15

Venue: Guy's Memorial Park, Kings College London 

Location: King's College London
From: Thursday, 25 September 2014
To: Saturday, 27 September 2014
Free Family Friendly 

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