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Fresh Air Squares
Fresh Air Square - Tooley Street

The Fresh Air Square at Tooley Street is a new and exciting addition to the London Bridge area.
A modular, portable micro-park has replaced two car parking spaces for the period of a year, improving the local environment and monitoring the air quality around it.
For more details about the project process Click here

The map below shows the location of the Square, as well as other nearby green spaces, on a live map of modelled air quality conditions in the area.

Use the dropdown to change between different types of pollution and see what air quality is like now and on an annual basis too.

The map shows how backstreets and parks away from roads have much lower levels than roads do.
Team London Bridge aims to make all of London Bridge a low air pollution area.

Click on the map markers to learn more about Team London Bridge's network of green spaces.



Download Green Pathways app now and start exploring the hidden green spaces of London Bridge.


The graph below shows live nitrogen dioxide concentrations from the air quality monitor mounted on the Fresh Air Square in black.

The blue line shows a mean (average) of nitrogen dioxide concentrations from background sites across London.

Nitrogen dioxide is emitted from traffic, particularly from diesel vehicles, and has been linked to the early deaths of up to 5,879 people in London each year.

Team London Bridge aims to close the gap between these two lines by reducing traffic and promoting walking and cycling to make all of London Bridge a low pollution area.

Click and drag on the graph to zoom in. Click 'all' to reset zoom. You can show and hide each series by clicking on their names below the graph.

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1 October 2015

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