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Make your business smarter and greener in 2011

Back in September the foundations of the Smart Green Business (SGB) initiative were introduced to the capital's business community. Along with our partners in the programme we have been setting up the mechanics of the service to help our SMEs take advantage of everything SGB has to offer, including up-to 12 hours of free professional advice, support and  training in the following areas:

- Environmental Performance

- Resource Efficiency Clubs
- Environmental Management
- Knowledge Transfer Partnerships
- Green Procurement
- Travel Planning

The significant take up of our subsidised recycling service shows that there is a strong demand for new green services locally. Smart Green Business is designed to help your business build an environmental programme that will save money, enhance your reputation, help access new opportunities and motivate employees. 

Paul Buckley, our Smart Green Business expert, will be contacting our SME's over the next two months to discuss their needs with them, identifying areas where your business could make costs saving and make both immediate and long term environmental improvements.


More details can be found in this leaflet. Alternatively, email paul@teamlondonbridge.co.uk or call 07880 738363 / 0207 407 4701 to set up an appointment.

To book your place at the launch breakfast 21st March 2011 email events@teamlondonbridge.co.uk


11 January 2011

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