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London Bridge User Panel Results Autumn 2016

Twice a year, businesses and employees in the London Bridge area go to the polls. Don’t worry, there are no more referendums or elections, it’s just a poll of opinions on things that matter to all of us who work, live and play here on a daily basis.    

The bi-annual survey is conducted independently so that we can measure the effectiveness of Team London Bridge services without bias. The autumn 2016 survey allows us to check how we are doing in what is the first year of the 2016-21 BID term, making sure that Team London Bridge is delivering on the projects outlined in our five-year business plan.

A total of 295 people participated and completed the survey, allowing us to make a donation of £295 to the charity Rewrite.  

A summary of the responses can be seen below and a full report downloaded here. If you’d like to talk to the team about any of the topics or services covered in the survey please call 020 7407 4701 / email info@teamlondonbridge.co.uk.


  • almost two thirds of respondents were women and nearly 1 in 4 were residents 
  • Transport Police were the most noticed security personnel (70%) but security staff the most visible, 33% see them every day
  • people feel 'safe' walking around the area during business hours (though fewer saying 'very safe'), even in late evening only 10% feel 'unsafe'
  • the largest single problem reported was rough sleepers (66%) and significantly higher than two years ago
  • while streets and public areas are thought to be 'good' the number rating 'excellent' is down on two years ago
  • poorest ratings ever for ‘dust and noise from building work’ (48% worse than Central London) and ‘shopping’ also compares unfavourably (56% worse)
  • the highest ever ratings for ‘parks & open space’ (54% better) and street litter (53% better)
  • about 1 in 5 respondents are cyclists and they give poorer ratings for cycle lanes (40% worse than Central London) and cycling safety (35%)
  • generally people are more aware of TLB leaflets and digital tools but participation rates are down particularly teamlondonbridge.co.uk (66% of those who have heard of it actually use it)
  • fashion shops are the ones people would most like to see more of overall
  • highly positive opinions (definitely agree) of Team London Bridge peaked in August’14 and have drifted down since
  • BUT overall positive opinions of TLB have been maintained and the proportion saying they would notice if TLB stopped working is almost as high as it has ever been. Possibly this suggests that there is a ‘normalisation’ effect – Team London Bridge continues to do a good job and services are being taken for granted 


7 December 2016

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London Bridge Cycle Strategy launched London Bridge Cycle Strategy launched
The Strategy will enable the area to become quieter, greener, safer, less polluted, more welcoming, more efficient and better connected
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