Do Nation

Team London Bridge has partnered with Do Nation to make their web platform available to our businesses for free, to help tackle the climate crisis.

We will help you and your colleagues take healthy, environmentally sustainable actions - simple things like cycling to work, using a reusable coffee cup, or avoiding unsustainable palm oil. Do Nation has an online pledge platform which helps to inspire, inform, and support people through taking up these habits - while also measuring the impact each person achieves. 

We know the community in London Bridge is determined to be part of a sustainable and responsible business district, so join us to make a change.  

Team London Bridge sustainability initiatives:

TLB already run several initiatives that support Do Nation pledges. Some resources and links are: 


How to get involved

Today:  In the first instance, we’re asking you to simply make a pledge on our Team London Bridge campaign page, so that you can get a feel for how it all works. 

This Autumn: We’re looking for around 3 organisations to launch their own employee pledge challenges this September / October, to create some local case studies that we can use to spearhead the wider campaign. If you’d like your organisation to take part, drop Hermione a line on

New Year 2020: Our ultimate aim is to launch a campaign with more local organisations in January 2020, tying in nicely with New Year’s resolutions.  Watch this space. 

To find our more contact