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The new Team London Bridge Responsible Business Alliance is the first of its kind run specifically for a local business community. Unlike other similar fee-based initiatives it will be free for our levypaying businesses.
A topic that is gaining traction these days - a healthy and happy workforce is key to high performance within business. People are less likely to leave their jobs when they feel happy, and recent research has shown that many of the Fortune 100 Best Companies To Work For have seen lower staff turnover, and are higher performing on the stock market. Although you might be a publicly trading company there is no doubt that employee wellbeing contributes to a healthy and well performing business.
What is covered in the Wellbeing section, and where can Team London Bridge help? 
  • Encouraging staff to take lunch away from their desks - recent research suggests that eating lunch away from your desk, and even away from a work canteen, increases general wellbeing, and makes employees look more favourably upon their job. Team London Bridge will be running this years 'Love Lunch' campaign in September!
  • Flexible working hours/ensuring a good work/life balance -  a healthy work-life balance contributes to business success and growth. Businesses may like to consider whether flexible working could benefit some of their staff. From April 2014, this right to request flexible working will be extended from parents of children aged 16 or under, or of disabled children under the age of 18, to cover all employees who have been with their employer for 26 weeks or more.
  • Work space health check - here is a simple and free NHS tool to help you assess your own work space, however it might pay off to get an external organisation in to assess each employees workspace. For more information about having an ergonomic deskspace click here.
  • Signposting to mental health services - being able to recognise signs of stress or depression in your employees, as well as help manage it and/or signpost them to other services is vital. There are many mental health services on our doorstep in London Bridge, contact us to find out more.
  • Subsidised gym membership - Employee access to a gym, whether on-site or external, can pay off strongly for employers. We can put you in touch with local gyms if you'd like to find out more.
  • Taking part in the Mayors Wellbeing Charter - you can download the charter and guidance here.
  • Healthy eating - if your business has a canteen you may like to consider whether menus can be adjusted to incorporate healthier foods, perhaps subsidise the healthiest or clearly mark which foods are the healthiest.
  • Healthcare support eg BUPA/company health checks/support giving up smoking etc - click here
  • Free eye checks for staff with computers - employees who spend more than an hour a day in front of a computer screen can legally ask an employer to fund an eye test for them. There is more information on page 4 of this document.
Speak to Sofia on 020 7407 4701 to get a copy of our Responsible Business Alliance, a great way to develop, record, share and celebrate everything "responsible" that your business does.
London Bridge Cycle Strategy launched London Bridge Cycle Strategy launched
The Strategy will enable the area to become quieter, greener, safer, less polluted, more welcoming, more efficient and better connected
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