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Every unemployed person costs the taxpayer around £10,000 per year. If we, as a business community, can work together with schools, colleges, youth clubs and other agencies, we can start to ensure that young people understand the many pathways into work and what is available to them as well as giving the many unemployed local people who are looking for a fulfilling career the next step on the ladder that they are looking for.
What does this cover and where can Team London Bridge help? 
  • Work experience placements - work experience can help motivate and inspire young people. Although labour intensive, it can be very rewarding and good for personal development of the person who manages the placement.
  • CV support/mock interviews/business visits - we all know how difficult it is to sell ourselves on a CV and how nerve-racking our first interview was. Why not give the benefit of your knowledge to someone who is about to go through all this for the first time and help them understand what to expect and how to prepare.
  • Partner with EmploySE1 - Follow the link for more information on our local employment project, or go straight to the EmploySE1 website www.employ-se1.co.uk
  • Support apprenticeships - apprenticeship nowadays are not all about plumbing or construction. Apprenticeships can be gained in fields like business administration and catering and hospitality. Plus, if you are a business employing up to 1000 employees you could be eligible to receive the £1,500 grant. Check out the Apprenticeships website for more information.
  • Paid internships - we support paid internships. You can find out more about the rights of interns here
  • London's Living Wage - London's living wage is currently set at £8.55 compared to the mandatory minimum London wage of £8.80. Find out more about London's Living Wage and why you should consider supporting it.
Speak to Sofia on 020 7407 4701 to get a copy of our Responsible Business Vision and Forward Strategy. We're always keen to discuss ways we can work together to develop, record, share and celebrate everything "responsible" that your business does.
London Bridge Cycle Strategy launched London Bridge Cycle Strategy launched
The Strategy will enable the area to become quieter, greener, safer, less polluted, more welcoming, more efficient and better connected
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