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Responsible Business
Team London Bridge's Responsible Business programme is one of the BID's original and best supported service areas and has evolved extensively over the last few years.
This programme includes:
The work is themed by four key areas:
Leading and supporting partnerships between people & businesses to develop a sustainable London Bridge
In 2015 Team London Bridge produced a new, first of its kind Responsible Business vision and forward strategy that is based on an extensive consultation by business and community engagement specialists, Business Unusual.
This sets a framework through which local businesses can work together in a series of developing programmes via cross-sector partnership to make London Bridge the capital's most responsible business district by 2021. 
Review and download the document here.
  • Improve access to employment and career growth for local people
  • Catalyse local innovation
  • Support and promote sustainable community places
  • Utilise extensive and varied business expertise of BID members to improve opportunities locally
  • Continue to broker cross-sector partnerships
  • Support innovative solutions that benefit local organisations
To learn about our innovative new plans and ways local organisations can be even further involved, please contact Sofia on 020 7407 4701 or sofia@teamlondonbridge.co.uk.
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