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Placeshaping Projects

We want businesses based at London Bridge to be proud of their local area. Although it is already one of the most desirable addresses in Central London, Team London Bridge realise that there is still room for improvement and are in the process of rolling out a programme of Placeshaping projects as part of our commitment to environmental and public realm management.

Our projects have been established after consultation with local businesses to find out what they want and are designed to provide a better and more attractive network of spaces for people to use, linking communities and different built environments through innovative, interesting design and delivery.  

Please see details of Team London Bridge's Placeshaping projects below.

Project: Fresh Air Squares
Status: On-going
Timing: First one delivered Sept 2015
Location: Across London Bridge 
Team London Bridge (TLB) and partners held a competition to design a series of Fresh Air Square parklets in the London Bridge and Vauxhall areas. The brief was to create modular, portable micro-parks that replace car parking spaces for a period of one week to a year, improving the local environment and monitoring the air quality around it. 
The panel judged that WMBstudio had produced the most iconic and creative of the designs and chose the London and Liverpool based practice to deliver the first Fresh Air Square in September 2015. Their proposal, named ‘The Parked Bench’, features a striking design that was simple, modular and flexible. It also allowed for enhancements to the important planting and air quality messaging aspects that are the raison d'etre of this project. More Fresh Air Squares are in the pipeline for 2016/17. 
This project is part funded by TfL's Incubator Fund. 
WMBstudio's Parked Bench design 

Project: Greenwood Theatre Linear Pocket Park 
Status: Complete
Timing: November 2014 
Location: Weston Street
A celebrity creative collaboration has brought together the worlds of fashion and garden design to transform a theatre in London Bridge into an urban oasis.  World renowned British fashion designer Dame Zandra Rhodes teamed up with garden designer and TV presenter Joe Swift to create a linear ‘pocket park’ at the Greenwood Theatre on Weston Street.
Project organisers Team London Bridge and Cityscapes joined forces with King’s College London, Network Rail and The Mayor’s Pocket Parks Programme to fund the project and bring some much needed greenery to the area, reinventing a cultural hotspot and creating another landmark in this pioneering part of the capital.  
Completed Greenwood Theatre Pocket Garden Apr 2015 

Project: Tooley Street Vertical Rain Garden
Status: Complete
Timing: 2013 (extended 2015) 
Location: Corner of Fair Street and Tooley Street
Team London Bridge installed the initial Tree Box green wall / vertical rain garden on Tooley Street in the spring of 2013 as part of the Drain London sustainable urban drainage program. The green wall was an instant hit with local business and residents. After a successful trial period Team London Bridge decided to triple the length of the green wall in the spring of 2015. The wall came to fruition via the London Bridge Green Infrastructure Audit.
 Vertical Rain Garden 

Project: London Bridge Future Streets 2014-2018
Status: On-going
Timing: Various
Location: Across London Bridge area
London Bridge Future Streets 2014-18 is an overview of possible projects put forward to Transport for London's (TfL) Roads Task Force for their consideration. It summarises five quick win projects and four longer term strategic projects that would greatly improve the public realm along major arteries in the London Bridge area. To download the report click here.
To deliver these projects Team London Bridge will require partnerships from the public and private sector in addition to TfL.
Image Green Roof Consultancy
Introduce rain gardens to help drainage
Improve pedestrian and cycling routes

Project: Gibbon's Rent

Status: Complete

Timing: May-June 2012 (3 weeks)

Gibbon's Rent

Team London Bridge working with The Architecture Foundation and Southwark Council have transformed a long forgotten cut through from Magdalen Street to Bermondsey Street known as Gibbon's Rent.

Designed by emerging Australian architect Andrew Burns and award-winning landscape architect Sarah Eberle Gibbon's Rent has been transformed into a permanent shared green space for all to enjoy.

The project aims to raise awareness of this forgotten piece of Southwark and to contribute to the longer-term social and economic improvement of the area. It looks to actively encourage community participation asking local businesses and residents to contribute potted plants to the garden allowing it to grow and evolve, taking on a life of its own past its launch in summer 2012. Maintenance will take place throughout the summer on Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes run by St Mungo's Putting Down Roots.

Gibbons Rent
Gibbon's Rent April 2012

Gibbons Rent
Public event in Gibbon's Rent June 2012

Project: Legible London (London Bridge)

Status: Part-complete

Timing: June 2012 - to date

Location: Across area

Legible London is a TfL developed pedestrian wayfinding system that's helping people walk around the Capital. It has been piloted in the West End and the South Bank and TfL is now working with boroughs, Business Improvement Districts and other landowners to expand the system.

Team London Bridge is partnering with Southwark Council, Potters Fields Park Management Trust and local landowners to deliver Legible London for our area. The scheme was part-implemented prior to the  Olympic Games in summer 2012. The remaining signage will be installed in stages dictated by development and refurbishment works.

Bermondsey Street sign
New Legible London sign Bermondsey St. July 2012


Project: Green Infrastructure Audit
Status: Complete

Timing: August 2012
In 2012 Team London Bridge (TLB) commissioned a Green Infrastructure (GI) Audit of the Business Improvement District (BID). This was one of eleven audits undertaken as part of the ‘Greening the BIDs’ project, funded by the Greater London Authority working closely with Cross River Partnership. The GI audits enable BIDs / employer partnerships to identify and realise opportunities to increase green cover across central London.
Green Infrastructure (GI) represents an approach to land use that has a critical role in meeting many of the social, environmental and economic challenges we face today. It achieves this through its multifunctional and connected nature and is underpinned by the concept of ‘ecosystem services’, an approach which recognises the many benefits that are generated by natural ecosystems, including flood alleviation, climate adaptation, visual enhancement, recreation, biodiversity and food production. 
To read the 12 point GI Plan summary click here

Project: Shipwright Yard Pocket Plaza

Status: Complete

Timing: September-October 2009 (6 weeks)

Location: Bermondsey Street / Tooley Street junction

Having played an integral part in establishing successful lighting schemes as part of the Switched On London festival 2008, we are keen to encourage the sustainable development of the sites involved. One such location is the corner of Bermondsey Street and Tooley Street on either side of the Shipwrights Arms.  

We prepared a brief for the alleyway and yard that lead to the Southwark Playhouse to be landscaped and given an innovative lighting scheme in common with the Switched On London design. Local architects Cracknell have produced a design that will create a welcoming open space for visitors to the pub and theatre to share. It recognises the history of the area with nautical imagery and uses sustainable materials where possible. As per the brief, lighting has been used to illuminate what can be a dark thoroughfare, while the ugly utalitarian gates are now hidden behind ornate steel screens.  

To download the plans on pdf click here.

Shipwright Yard July 2009

Shipwright Arms
Shipwright Yard November 2009

Project: Melior Street Gardens Pocket Plaza

Status: Complete

Timing: July-August 2009 (8 weeks)

Location: Melior Street Gardens

With green space at a premium in central London it's a shame not to be able to use all of the areas we have available on our doorstep. One such under used green space is Melior Street Gardens just south of St Thomas Street. The organisation who own the space keep it open for the public but do not have the resources to maintain it to a standard which we can all enjoy. 

Team London Bridge secured funding from Southwark Council to upgrade the Gardens and local architects Cracknell were appointed to take the project forward. The plans include a community herb and vegetable garden, a potting shed, reclaimed timber planters and plenty of communal areas to sit and enjoy the green oasis. The garden will be maintained by St. Mungo's and their 'Putting Down Root's' programme every Tuesday.

To download the plans on pdf click here.

Melior Street Gardens 2005

Melior Street Gardens November 2009

Project: Snowfields Pocket Plaza (Pavement Widening)

Status: Complete 

Timing: August-October 2009 (8 weeks)

Location: Snowfields

With a small gallery, cafe and shops, Snowfields is one of the area's hidden gems but can be hard to negotiate for pedestrians. Developed in conjuction with local architects Cracknell the final design for the scheme includes wider pavements to encourage a cafe culture, cycle racks and a pedestrian priority crossing.

All materials used are of the highest quality and have been reclaimed where possible, including the Yorkstone paving and curbstones. 

To download the plans on pdf click here.

Snowsfields July 2009

Snowsfields November 2009

Project: Crucifix Lane

Status: Complete

Timing: 2009/2010

Location: Crucifix Lane Viaduct

As you head south along Bermondsey Street and turn left onto Crucifix Lane, the beautiful Victorian arches that support the London Bridge railway viaduct dominate the northern side of the road. These archways show the signs of many years of pollution and are in urgent need of cleaning and cosmetic repair. With a number of businesses occupying the space beneath them this work is a priority for ourselves, the Railway Heritage Trust and Southwark Council (who are leading the project). Additional funding from Southwark Council and the Railway Heritage Trust has been secured for the work.

14 large plant tubs have also been added on the northern side of the street.

Crucifix Lane Jan 2008 looking east

Project: Tree Lighting (in partnership with Southwark Council and TfL) 

Status: Complete

Timing: February 2010

Location: Tooley Street

Tooley Street is the main artery through the BID area and as such the street environment can become busy, noisy and dirty. As well a improving street lighting after dark and increasing safety, illuminating the trees with new lighting schemes will make this road more attractive and make the most of the mature trees in our area after dark.

A trial took place outside the old Lambeth College site in 2008 with the project proving successful. Other tree sites included in the final scheme delivered in February 2010 included the junction of Tooley Street and Bermondsey Street, Duke Hill Street, and just before the tunnel under London Bridge at the western end of Tooley Street. The 31,000 plus LED lights will cost around £350 per year to run, based on current energy prices.  

Team London Bridge have delivered this scheme in partnership with Southwark Council and TfL.

New tree lights on Tooley Street (Feb 2010)

Project: Tree Planting

Status: Complete

Timing: Feb 2008 / Feb 2009

Location: Snowfields / Melior St / Magdalen St

In February 2008 our contractors planted 24 silver birch trees along these roads. Immediately these trees have started helping to create a greener, more pleasant streetscape for local businesses, workers, residents and visitors alike, and will continue to have an increased impact as they grow. Ten more trees were added in February 2009.

If you see one of our new trees, or indeed any other street side tree in the Team London Bridge area, that needs attention please let us know by emailing henry@teamlondonbridge.co.uk 

New silver birch on Snowfields

Project: London Bridge Walk Improvement Scheme

Status: Complete

Timing: June 2008

Location: London Bridge Walk / Colechurch House

London Bridge Walk is the much used pedestrian route between Railway Approach and London Bridge, crossing over Duke Street Hill and past a parade of shops in Colechurch House. Anyone who regularly uses this walkway will be aware that it is in need of attention to offer a cleaner and brighter environment for both pedestrians and the small businesses who operate here. Once approval from the City of London - the owners of Colechurch House - is confirmed, wall cleaning and painting can commence. 

This scheme runs in conjunction with our Tree Planting on Duke Street Hill and our ongoing work managing rough sleeping in the area. 

London Bridge Walk pre-improvement work 

For more information about our Urban Links programme, or to pass on your suggestions and comments, contact Jack Skillen on 020 7407 4701 or email jack@teamlondonbridge.co.uk


King's College London to Chair the London Bridge Business Improvement District
02 March 2017
London Bridge Cycle Strategy launched London Bridge Cycle Strategy launched
The Strategy will enable the area to become quieter, greener, safer, less polluted, more welcoming, more efficient and better connected
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