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Team London Bridge 2011-2016 proposal: A BID for Renewal

In 2005, organisations within the London Bridge BID boundary first voted to make compulsory contributions towards a fund which would pay for extra local services and projects for a period of five years. With this coming to an end a new vote was required to decide if businesses wanted to continue these contributions via a levy (1.05%) on their business rates.  

Between 1st October and 4th November 2010, 77% of the votes were cast in favour of the proposed BID services for 2011-2016 (89% by rateable property value), providing a strong mandate for Team London Bridge to continue their highly valued services. 

In the original 2005 BID ballot 72% were in favour of the BID (78% by rateable value).

A BID for Renewal (2Mb) highlights the success of the past five years and explains our vision for a second BID term for another five years. These achievements have included:

What next?

A key task for Team London Bridge in the second BID term will be to provide representation and advice on local development and planning issues for businesses.  The organisation will also take the lead on green issues that will help businesses operate more responsibly, including energy and travel planning advice while also increasing the already successful recycling scheme.

Unique local priorities that have been identified by London Bridge based businesses include working with a variety of agencies to ensure the area has:

  • A world-class transport interchange
  • An increase in retail offer
  • A pedestrian focused public realm
  • A network of welcoming and attractive Victorian railway arches

These priorities will be integrated into the existing programme of services while ensuring that the London Bridge area is ready for the influx of people and opportunities that the Shard London Bridge and 2012 Olympic Games will bring.

Additional Police patrols are part of the BID service

Our five main services proposed for 2011-2016 are:

Responsible Business (CSR, green business initiatives inc. recycling scheme)
Enhanced Street Scene (extra street cleaning, pocket plazas, greening, construction support)
Place Promotion (promote businesses, enhance visitor experience, DealCard, Olympics)
Safe & Secure (extra security, reducing fear of crime)
Creating Connections (networking opportunities, venue promotion, community development)

Learn more about our work and business community in this short film.  

Hanging baskets - part of our Environmental Programme

Every organisation within the London Bridge BID boundary is part of the Team London Bridge community, that's almost 300 business with over 30,000 employees. Together we can make a big difference to the future of our area.   

King's College London to Chair the London Bridge Business Improvement District
02 March 2017
London Bridge Cycle Strategy launched London Bridge Cycle Strategy launched
The Strategy will enable the area to become quieter, greener, safer, less polluted, more welcoming, more efficient and better connected
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