Exchange Theatre

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53a Southwark Street
London, SE1 1RU

Exchange Theatre are offering DealCard holders special price tickets (£14 instead of £16) with a code on bookings for Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays performances.

DealCard holders can book on the Bunker Theatre website and enter the discount code: DEAL CARD.

The show - The Flies by Jean-Paul Sartre:

Double Offie nominated in 2018, Exchange Theatre are celebrating their first decade of work with an anniversary revival of their first critical and public success: Jean-Paul Sartre’s rebellious and highly political play The Flies. Sartre’s thriller re-imagines the Greek tragedy of Electra and Orestes, exploring the complexities of human values in a period of political turbulence.

Directed by David Furlong, Exchange Theatre’s multidisciplinary and multimedia production of The Flies returns in 2019, as topical and poignant as ever. Exchange Theatre are joined on stage by a live Mauritian rock band, A Riot in Heaven, transforming this tragedy into a thrilling rock opera. A company priding themselves in their international and multi-cultural heritage, Exchange Theatre’s The Flies will be performed alternately in French and English in tribute to Sartre’s roots, and the 1943 play’s origins as a political allegory.

About Exchange Theatre

Exchange Theatre’s mission is to promote French theatre to a wide UK audience. The company creates multicultural and multilingual shows, drawing on a myriad of international influences, with a basis in French plays. Exchange have drawn on East Asian influences and Mauritian writing over the last few years and aim to widen their remit even further. Making use of video and music, the theatre company pushes the borders of various disciplines, creating a rich cultural exchange with every production.