London Bridge is a famous transport interchange. However, the most readily available, economical and healthy modes of transport are less well catered for. Team London Bridge and out partners will make cycling and walking an attractive, practical travel option for all in our area.


How to get involved

You can view our current Connectivity projects below. If you’d like any further information on any of the listed projects, contact Jack.

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 Current Projects


London Bridge Cycling Strategy

Through the London Bridge Cycle Strategy and this Action Plan, Team London Bridge and our partners will make cycling an attractive, practical travel option for all in our area.

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Bikes for Business

Bicycles and cargo bikes can offer a fast, clean alternative to motorised deliveries in London. Find out how we can help you identify services to meet your business needs.

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Cycle to Work

Cycle Forum

To deliver more schemes, we engage with our business and residential communities to find out how we can best champion cycling in London Bridge.

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Low Emissions Neighbourhood

Low Emissions Neighbourhood

Our ‘Low Emissions Neighbourhood (LEN)’ plan aims to reduce the impact of poor air quality and reduce emissions caused locally.

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