Benefacto’s DataHub helps your organisation give more effectively by providing a single, simple-to-use platform to record all the great work you're doing around volunteering and donations. 

The standard price for this membership is £630 a year but for the first time ever, Benefacto are giving 20 free, 12 month DataHub Gold subscriptions to Team London Bridge members on a first come first serve basis.

Why record community investment data?

By recording your community investment data you are able to track progress, celebrate strengths, highlight improvement points and get buy-in to run more great programmes.

What are the common pitfalls?

  • people are uncertain what data to record 

  • it’s difficult to keep data clean and consistent

  • it’s a struggle to get colleagues to record their giving

  • even once you have all the data, it’s a fiddle to prepare reports and insights 

Where DataHub Helps

Provides you with a clear and effective structure on what to record:the system was developed off the back of conversations with hundreds of CSR professionals and aligns with GivX.

Keeps your data clean and consistent:the input form makes sure all your data is uniform.

Encourages staff to record their data:share bespoke online forms with colleagues through a URL link or by embedding it on a web page.

Easily analyse and produce graphics for reports:DataHub produces graphs to help you analyse and communicate your giving.

DataHub introduction video

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