We work to help make the experience of moving through London Bridge as easy as possible for both visitors and employees.

Map & Guides

We produce our free London Bridge Map and Guide which is updated and  reprinted on an annual basis. The guide showcases all local attractions and suggests areas to eat and drink locally. It is distributed to over 400 Tourist Information Centres across England, hotels, cafes, attractions, and key London railway stations. Approx. 10,000 London Bridge Map Guides are picked up every month.  

Employee orientation

Businesses moving into the area have all the help they could need from Team London Bridge. We offer free Blue Badge guided tours of the area for local employees, along with map guides, events guides, and the DealCard loyalty card scheme. Our business events also help to build local contact networks. Regular e-updates also provide a monthly run-down of what's happening locally. 

Working in partnership 

Team London Bridge work with our neighbouring BIDs, Southwark Council, the GLA, London & Partners, and other commercial partners to ensure that our area and its businesses are promoted strategically. Our London Bridge Marketing Group meet 3-4 times annually to share insights and opportunities. 


Our InfoBike is one of a trio operating along the south of the river between Tower Bridge and the London Eye. Staffed by two trained Information Officers. The InfoBike operates over spring and summer months and distributes maps and information about local attractions, helps with transport queries and provides London-wide information to visitors. 


Find out more

If you’d like to request Map & Guides or DealCards for your business, please get in touch by e-mailing our Info box here+

Check for the latest Guided Tours on our events page+