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Safety and Security

Many of our businesses have indicated that Safety and Security management is the service provided by Team London Bridge is the most valued by them.

We work to improve links between businesses and the Metropolitan Police, as well as the local authority, to reduce crime in the area, and to help make workers, visitors and residents feel safe - day and night.

Our Partnership with the Police

The Team London Bridge area has 350 plus businesses, well over 35,000 local employees, an estimated 20 million leisure visitors and 50 million people passing through London Bridge station every year.

This growing population and built environment requires strategic management and cooperation from all sectors of the community to ensure a safe and secure environment for us all to enjoy.

With our help, London Bridge has remained one of the safest areas in the capital. Crime has been falling for continuous years and our partners in Southwark Police continue to commit more resources to the area. The additional patrol hours and dedicated Police Officer that we provide through our contract with the Police offers peace of mind as well as an active deterrent.

Local public facing businesses can expect regular visits from the Police patrols that we fund with around 16 business liaison visits per week carried out.

Crime Statistics and Police Reports

Team London Bridge has a contract with the Police to provide additional patrol hours within the London Bridge Business Improvement District (BID). Part of this contract is to supply us with regular crime statistics and monthly reports from the local Police team. These refer to the London Bridge BID area only but include Guy's Hospital.

To receive past reports or to find our more email henry@teamlondonbridge.co.uk

The Southwark Community Security Zone (CSZ)
The Southwark Community Security Zone (CSZ) covers the area of northern Southwark between Tower Bridge and Blackfriars Bridge and is recognised by the Police as having significant political, cultural, economic and iconic status. The aim of the CSZ is to provide a safer, secure and more resilient place in which to work, live, visit and do business by developing and promoting the concept of community security. These objectives are delivered though a Security and Resilience Forum.
The membership of the Forum includes appropriate representatives from organizations (both private and public) in the area, the Police, and Southwark Emergency Planning.
Vocal warn and inform service

This warning-and-informing service provided by Everbridge is sponsored by Team London Bridge, Better Bankside and the London Bridge Quarter. For more details contact Henry Johnstone  henry@teamlondonbridge.co.uk / 020 7407 4701.

Emergency Contact Numbers

In the event of an emergency always call : 999

To contact Southwark Police : 101

Pubwatch SE1

Pubwatch SE1 is a network of pubs and bars in the SE1 area that meets up on a bi-monthly basis to discuss issues of concern to the licensed trade.

The network is (and always will be) chaired by a local pub or bar. Currently this is Seamus Russell from the Mudlark. The meetings are coordinated (and financed as necessary) by
Better Bankside and Team London Bridge.

The Police attend as guests and present crime figures for the licensed premises in the area. If you (or a colleague) would like to attend this or future meetings please email


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